Tuesday, April 30, 2013

About the Poetry Scribes of Spokane

The main purpose of the Poetry Scribes is to be "primarily a workshop/writing group that encourages all members to write original verse and attempt to improve their individual talents.  This is done through open analysis, constructive discussion, studying other poet's works and suggestions exchanged among the members."

As a group we hope to be an example within the Spokane community of friendship, wisdom of thought and words, development of writing skills and for offering local poets the opportunity to be recognized and published.  We take great pride in our "Turquoise Lanterns" yearly anthology publication, the Lilac Festival Poet and the World Day of Poetry Contest each year.

While we each personally enjoy writing verse, meeting together requires us to provide a respectful listening environment for each reader.  Poetry Scribes has a long history built on traditional American and God honoring values.  Our members come from many faiths, educational backgrounds, personal philosophies, poetry styles and write with different goals in mind.  One thing we are all able to agree upon is to always show respect to one another.